Xbox One Joystick Repair

Posted on Wednesday, June 8th, 2016 at 9:13 pm

This is our first Xbox Controller. We played the ever-loving daylights out of it until the left Joystick began to have a bit of a drift issue meaning it registered movement when we weren’t touching it. I had looked up a few things online about how to fix it, but soldering was never really something I learned properly and there was a good chance I’d destroy it and burn down the house. As a result, I put it off until “someday”.

Well, as of now, “someday” has come and I’m pretty happy to say that I managed to fix this instead of throwing it out.


This was a big victory for me. I’ve got a habit of putting personal projects off for later. Maybe part of me is scared to fail or look stupid. I’ve recently made an effort to start doing things “today” that I’ve been saving for “someday”. The Xbox One controller became a early victim.

I knew what was wrong with the controller, but had no idea where to look or how to start. A few Google searches later and I had a list of YouTube videos showing me what to do step-by-step and I found the part I needed on Amazon.


These were identical to the joystick pots in the Xbox One controller. Then it was a simple matter of desoldering the old ones, popping them out and replacing them with the new ones.

Terrifying, but if I can do it then you probably can as well. I found the video below to be a lot of help.

He has nifty professional desoldering tool, but I opted for desoldering braid since I wasn’t sure how much I’d be doing.

Here’s a few more helpful links:

1) How to use desoldering braid

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