Posted on Tuesday, December 30th, 2014 at 12:03 pm

Winter seems so bleak this year. Maybe it just the time of the year, but everything feels so heavy. There have been so many difficulties in the past year.

  • so many of our friends have lost their parents this year
  • many friends have given up on making their marriages work
  • we’ve had our own personal weight of caring for an aging parent in failing health
  • businesses have ended
  • relationships strained
  • and the general difficulty of making it through the holidays with sanity intact


But there have been good things too.

  • the rekindling of old friendships
  • new kids born and announcements of more to come
  • businesses blossoming in spite of the difficult times.
  • new friends that have become valuable members of the family
  • two words: drama reduction

The new year is just days away and with it comes the annual hope that we will be better people in the coming days; that, somehow at midnight, everything becomes new again.

Hope is never a bad thing.