Where’s Flo Gonna Go?

Posted on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018 at 9:08 am

Hurricane Florence hit us last month in September. Well, actually lingering around for a few days and messing everything up in the process is probably a better description. I didn’t post a lot on social media during that time and while we were evacuated to keep things on the down low from people with more nefarious intentions towards my property and stuff. To put it simply: we didn’t want to advertise that our stuff was there just waiting for someone to come and get. As a result of this well founded paranoia, I’m putting things here so I don’t forget. 

We watched Florence for days waiting to see what she was going to do. I had an idea that they were predicting that she was going to possibly be a category 3 or 4 when she made landfall, but they were making these predictions almost a week out. I’m not a meteorologist, but I’ve spent enough time hanging out with them in smelly, generator humming studios waiting for the eye to pass that I know a few things. The big thing is that a week out means no one really knows for sure what a storm is going to do. At this point I was just slightly annoyed at the long lines for gas. I didn’t know why they were hurricane panicking this far out. They would end up burning that tank full of gas going about their regular business way before the storm got here. 

I was certain Flo would make landfall to the north of us, but Lisa and I decided that if she was forecast to come in south of us then we would pack everything up and head out of town. Sure enough, the forecast changed. 
I had been spending most of the week trying to find plywood and then boarding up the house. I hadn’t done that in probably about 15 years or so, but Florence was looking so big and deadly at that point in time that I figured we’d be safer with it boarded up if we stayed and I’d sleep better knowing it was done if we were gone. The hardware stores were just crazy. Big props to the lady at Home Depot who was brutally honest – “If you’re mean to us, then no plywood for you.”

There was a little debate about where to go, but Lisa found an AirBnB in Durham that was reasonably priced and booked it from Thursday through Sunday.  We packed up important documents, photos and the bare essentials before stuffing 4 adult sized humans, a dog, and a wheelchair in the Highlander and scooted to Durham. I’m still not sure how we all fit in there, but we made it to Durham.

to be continued…