Posted on Saturday, March 21st, 2020 at 11:34 pm

We’re into the 2nd week of “social distancing” which means work from home if you can. Last week large gatherings were canceled and this week the rule is no more than 10 people in a space at a time.

6 feet apart.

Wash your hands.

Cover your cough.

Is it enough?

We’re limiting our trips out of the house and try to chose places that aren’t crowded if we do go out.

Walmart looks like a perpetual hurricane prep week. A lot like Flo actually. Except there’s no toilet paper this time which is weird. They say the supply chain needs to catch up and we’re assured that it will. ‘Still, no damn mac and cheese. WTF?

Normal feels very far away and maybe it even feels like it may never be the same as it was before.

Maybe normal shouldn’t be what it was.