Waiting on Dorian

Posted on Monday, September 2nd, 2019 at 11:14 pm

It seems like it’s been a week that we’ve been waiting on Dorian to do his thing and move on, but he’s hammering the Bahamas like a unwanted step child and seems intent on making his point there. It’s heartbreaking to see the images coming out of those islands. It seems silly to pray for our safety and not theirs.

Hurricane Florence seems like only weeks ago where we were on the road with Mom and the dog and the essential things we couldn’t replace. A lot has happened in that short span of time.

A whole lot.

So, to pass the time waiting for Dorian, here’s some photos from last year’s Hurricane Florence Tour that I didn’t share here since we were keeping our absence from home on the DL.

Robbers and stuff, ya know.

There’s also some that are from after our return.

Mom in her little Harry Potter area where we stayed in Chapel Hill was the interesting thing. At our house, she had her own room and was kinda isolated from the rest of us. She was more in the middle of things here and seemed to enjoy it a lot. She would laugh at things and I think that even tho the evacuation was hard on her physically, it was good for her soul.

This time around, we won’t be leaving. According to the forecast things just aren’t going to be as severe this time around barring any extreme changes. This will always be a special time in our family history tho.