Trust the Professionals – Hurricane Edition

Posted on Thursday, September 5th, 2019 at 7:54 am

Archiving this Facebook post from this morning here.

Sooo, you know, there’s a lot of weather pages out there with some really well meaning people, but I’d really encourage you to take your info from the professionals during this storm.

And I’m gonna put it to you this way:

For the same price, who would you rather build your house? A professional contractor who builds homes and has years and years of daily experience on the job or the dude one street over who diy’d his garden shed by watching YouTube videos?

Keep in mind: same price for both.

There’s a general bias against trained professionals in this country and it’s combined with a general distrust of media because it says things people don’t like.

This is a dangerous, dangerous combination.

Your local weather guys don’t care about how much money the station makes. They take their jobs seriously. Maddeningly so at times. They have your best interest at heart.

The reporters and photogs out there doing live shots are away from their families. They’re eating what they can find on the run and are probably sleep deprived too. They’re trying to bring you important information. They’re not some guy doing a Facebook live from his basement far from the storm.

It’s all about money, you say? Yeah, that’s a part of it, but all that stuff to do that job is expensive and the people doing their jobs don’t get hurricane bonuses. It’s the people in the back office that are hands on concerned with the money. Anyway, when they’re going wall-to-wall with coverage, commercials get dropped, so factor that in to your concept of greedy media.

Yeah, things can get over-hyped. If you’re not freaked out by 6am tornado warnings then you’re a better person than me.

So, here’s my personal rule for Facebook: free blocks for anyone saying you can’t trust the local level news folks. They’re good people and a lot of them are my friends. Keep your conspiracy theory stuff to yourself and quit endangering your friends.