Things I Found This Week

Posted on Friday, June 17th, 2016 at 6:30 am

I experimented with homemade ramen noodles this week and they turned out pretty well, I think. Here’s a link dump with the page that started that quest and a few other random bits that made their way across my browser this week.

Lucky Peach: Homemade Ramen Noodles
Baked baking soda is the secret – shhhhhhh(!)

Maggie Rogers
Folk-ish singer songwriter – from a sit down listening session with Pharrell that went viral

The Campaign Book
The Internet home for Shia LaBeouf’s performance pieces along with his partners Rönkkö & Turner

Jennie Vee
Shared on SoundCloud by my an high school classmate – worth a listen

Photoshop hardware accessory

Jedi Mind-Trick from Inc.
or how to get your way in corporate America until someone catches you at it

USB Wire Colors
I’ve got a short in a edit controller. I’m thinking about cracking it open and replacing the cable

How to measure resistance of a potentiometer
Game controller repair research led me to this – part whatever in my electronics hacking self-education

Modern Dog-trot Home
Essentially a home with a breezeway in the middle originally designed to battle Southern Lowcountry Summer heat – posted on Facebook by a friend

Man quits desk job to transform van into a digital nomad’s dream home
Cargo Van converted to a mobile home – no bathroom tho, which is a dealbreaker

Experts believe we should actually be sleeping twice a day
Via split-shift sleeper Brian Shrader @ WRAL

31 Day Guitar Challenge @ Skillshare
Continuing the guitar education