The Sacred and the Secular

Posted on Tuesday, July 24th, 2018 at 11:04 pm

“…this over here is my worship, this is my faith, this is my personal, private relationship with Jesus, and this over here is just what we have to do in the name of national security.”

– David Dark

On our way home from church we had an interesting conversation about the Christian life and how it intersects with everything else. We like to divide the sacred and the secular into two different camps here in America, possibly as a side effect of our separation of church and state, but we also love to refer to America as a Christian nation even when many of it’s policies do and support very unchristlike things.

I was able to share a few observations from the Cultivated Podcast I’d listened to a couple of weeks ago with a man who is rapidly becoming my favorite person on Twitter; David Dark and draw some concepts that my son and I had discussed from his American Government class last year.

We meandered around the idea that there should be no line dividing our faith from our political views and on to the notion that a antichrist can be anything that distracts us from the true work of the church, even if in technical terms it’s something considered a good thing.

I’m working my way through the podcasts in my drive time and I highly recommend them as an alternate view to Franklin Graham & Mike Huckabee’s tweets.

A conversation with David Dark on erasing the lines we draw in our faith between the sacred and secular.

Original Photo by Edwin Andrade on Unsplash