The New Normal

Posted on Thursday, April 16th, 2020 at 12:20 am

I felt like I was a six year old dressed up like a robber going out to buy toilet paper today.

I had to make a Costco run (dammit, I just realized that I forgot eggs). They had no toilet paper, but I picked up coffee and a pork loin. I scored TP at Target tho.

It’s weird walking around and having to wear a mask. I’ve got a regular sized one, but the beard is a problem. I’ve thought about shaving it or at least trimming it, but I don’t have to go out daily.

It’s odd to see people wearing masks. It’s odd seeing people not wearing masks. You can’t smile at random strangers anymore to indicate that you’re not a threat. I know that’s maybe something you don’t think about, but as a guy that can look intimidating at times, I try to make it a point to be as friendly and non-threatening as possible when I’m out and about.

We’re fortunate. I know that. There’s some things we don’t have to worry about that a lot of other people do. I don’t know when our world will start to get back to normal. I’m not sure it will. They’re saying to be ready for a 18 month strategy of pushing forward and being pushed back.


But, we can do this. We will do this. Hopefully everyone will pull together and we won’t be even more fractured than we were before. We’ll have to do the pulling together ourselves. Our current leader seems incapable of being able to see anything beyond his own ego that needs constant stroking.

We’re on our own here.