The Blizzard of 2018

Posted on Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018 at 11:55 am

What if we had a snow day and it didn’t snow?

Actually, the sky started dropping frozen stuff late in the day, but school would have already been out by the time it really started to ramp up. It was just in the upswing when they announced that school will be cancelled tomorrow as well.

Our sitter didn’t show for fear of having to drive in the bad stuff, so my productivity was blasted to hell. Meals to be fixed, trips to the bathroom to be taken, general freaking out…

But, I did enjoy seeing the little show on Twitter today – how they started to turn on each other over what could justifiably called “Fake News” but they don’t have the wits to see it either when it’s aimed at them.

God, what a terrifying time to be an American.

I once bristled at the idea of Trump being God’s choice and I still do, altho I don’t put it past Him to use our bad choices to teach us a lesson and open our eyes. That’s what I’m hoping is happening here, but I’m dang skeptical.