Snow Day 3 – The Reckoning

Posted on Friday, January 5th, 2018 at 9:00 pm

Day 3 of limited movement due to weather and, well, life.

We took a small excursion to pick up meds for Mom and coffee for us at Costco. The main roads were clear, but the roads out of our neighborhood looked like the NC DOT forgot that they were there or that people needed to use them to get to the main roads.

The second trip out was to return the Redbox movie that we’ve had for three days. I saw it on Netflix during day 2 (I kid you not), but I weighed the additional rental fees against the possibility of loss of property & loss of life and decided it was better to just take it on the nose. I decided to wind through the neighborhoods between us and the nearest Redbox because they were a) clearer that the secondary roads and b) had a lot less traffic which meant fewer opportunities for some dumbass to crash into me because they’re not exactly playing it cautious on the road.

On the way out, I noticed a house that looked like it had a *lot* of water running into the road – way more than would be ice melt. We returned the movie and on the way back I decided to stop on knock on their door. Well, to be honest, I drove by the house and then backed up because the thought of, “what if that was my house?” entered into my mind and I knew I’d end up driving back later because it was eating at me. After a short conversation with the homeowner and their neighbor, we figured out that the man of the house left the water running yesterday on the side of the house and that was the source of the “leak”.

Not exactly good news for the water bill but much better than a busted pipe.

So, today’s lessons are:

1) It’s good to be nosey.
2) It only take a few minutes to help a brother out.

The neighbor thanked me for stopping and saying something, but to be honest – it was really so I’d sleep ok tonight. Total self-preservation on my part.