Project365 – Technology

Posted on Thursday, March 14th, 2013 at 10:32 pm


This week Google announced that they’re shuttering Google Reader, which is one of the things that I use every day. Heck, even multiple times a day. So, today I am a little bummed, but such is the price of using something that someone gives you for free. At some point, it may very well go away.

The same goes with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all the other free services we get for nothing out of our pocket. Oh, it costs us in some ways that aren’t immediately obvious, but eventually these places that we put so much effort into *will* vanish and take all our digital stuff with us into the ether.

I back up a lot of my stuff to my hard drive. I have some cloud services that I use, but I’m generally distrustful of all of them. It’s not that I’m a paranoid person, I just like to try to take some sort of initiative of my own to archive my digital life in a way that doesn’t depend on some Silicon-Valley-wanna-be-high-roller-startup’s pseudo business plan that accounts for everything but money from sources other than a poor schlep VC’s wallet.