Project365 – ‘Merica

Posted on Monday, June 10th, 2013 at 11:26 pm


This flew so low over our house today that it felt like I could reach out and graze the wing tips as it flew by.

They make frequent trips to ILM doing touch and goes as they fly in giant figure eights over the city proper. The airport was also an emergency landing site for the space shuttle, although none of the disasters that befell it ever gave them time or option for anything like that. I think I heard at the width of the runway and proximity to the launch site had something to do with the designation.

We’ve only seen the large “Air Force One” here a couple of times, but they’ve made the same figure eights in it here too.

‘First one that points out it’s only called Air Force One when the President is actually on it will feel the cold cold silence of being ignored from a great distance on the Internet. Yes, Captain Obvious, we all saw the Harrison Ford movie. You’re not really impressing anyone and would probably be more welcome if you went on the forums at the StarNews and started correcting grammar.