Project365 – International Surfing Day

Posted on Thursday, June 20th, 2013 at 11:05 pm


I try to be sensitive to the fact that I’m very biased when it comes to the Offspring. I mean, yeah, I think he’s cool and all, but not everyone might agree and i respect that.

I try not to post too many pictures because no one wants to be that guy constantly forcing you to look at pictures and videos of their kid while saying, “look at what junior built with paper mâché and five thousand popsicle sticks!”

I was fully prepared to post a nice pretty sepia toned picture of some chemtrails that I took from a Smithfield’s BBQ parking lot (mmmm…. sweet tea), but then I remembered it was International Surfing day.

And with that said, HEY, LOOK AT MY KID SURFING!!! AGAIN!!!

If you unfriend me on all social media sites, I’ll understand.