Project365 – I’m 15 Again

Posted on Thursday, February 28th, 2013 at 10:30 pm


These arrived today. I designed them to match a pair I had circa 1985 and then they shipped them from China to my front door via UPS and a very slow boat.

It’s very Gibson-esque  – this marriage of the digital and analogue. The object of  my childhood nostalgia designed & paid for online before being made by factory workers in Guangzhou, China. Shipped via Shenzhen, Osaka, Anchorage, Louisville & Raleigh before being unceremoniously left on the front stoop. International commerce at it’s best and worst.

But, these aren’t the canvas Chucks of my youth. Thicker soles, strong stitching, and according to my wife, quality leather. She worked in a shoe store when we met and says you can tell by the way the leather smells if it’s cheap or not. I defer to her experience on such matters, so quality they are.

All this just so I can feel 15 again – Just a little bit fatter and grayer.

Actually a lot fatter and grayer, but at least I’ve got some freakin’ cool shoes. All hail the Internet.