Project365 – Headphones

Posted on Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013 at 10:18 pm


I got these headphones a couple of years ago on the clearance end cap of a Walgreens just up the street from where we live. I’ve owned my share of cheap headphones over the years and some lower mid range ones as well. Earbuds make my head hurt and I honestly have never believed you can get decent low end on something with such a small driver.

Not that these are all that expensive. I think I might have seen them retail in the 30’s at some point, but I paid a lot less. At least they don’t wedge inside my ear canal and as such leave the sides of my brain unsqueezed. They claim to have noise reduction, but as far as I can tell all that seems to do is add a slight buzz to an otherwise useable signal. As a result, I leave that turned off and I’m not too broken up when the batteries in them expire.

At some point, I’ll pony up and get those nice Bose headphones I’ve been eyeballing for over a year. Probably not this month tho.