Project365 – Happy Birthday

Posted on Sunday, June 30th, 2013 at 11:58 pm


There’s a great little understated Mexican restaurant in towards town a bit. It’s not decorated in a crazy Aztec motif and the cuisine isn’t really fusion-anything, but it’s still the best Mexican food in town.

They do two things right: 1) Great, Simple Food & 2) Awesome drop of the hat service.

Well, I say two things, but there’ s really a third thing; they scare the crap out of you if it’s your birthday, throw a ridiculously large sombrero on your head with “Viva Mexico” stitched on it in red and then slap down a sopapilla for your birthday dessert.

It really is something to behold too. I don’t know how they all sneak up on you, but they’re like a bunch of latino ninjas… and that hat! How the heck do they sneak up on you with that?

Today was my lovely wife’s birthday and she made the mistake of alluding to the stealthy birthday surprise before she left the table for the restroom. It took a while and it was only one guy coming up with the sombrero and sopapilla, but he still got her.

They’re latino ninjas, I tell ya. I think I’m going to put that on their Yelp review.