Project365 – ER

Posted on Tuesday, November 26th, 2013 at 11:18 pm


The day started off ok, then it got a little surreal. I’ve told the story several times so, I might as well put it here.

Mum fell off her front steps somewhere around a week and a half ago. Last Thursday, she was feeling “dizzy and unsteady” and weak on her right side — so she went to see her doctor who ordered a CT scan to rule out a stroke. Nothing showed up on the CT scan. Follow up scheduled for December 9th.

Allow me to take this moment to point out that there was no phone call made to me. Her son. Who needs to know stuff like this.

Anyhoo, her friend came to stay with her because she was still unsteady. Finally, at her friend’s insistence, she called me Sunday afternoon. By Sunday night she was here with us.

Fast forward to Tuesday (today). She wasn’t feeling any better, so we took her to a walk-in clinic here in town. They checked her out (weakness on the right side), sent her to a ortho doc to look at her arm and tried to schedule a MRI for the next day. I say tried, but they were unable to. Maybe Friday?

Ortho guy looks at her arm. X-ray. Maybe a small fracture. Thumb brace for the right hand. Referral to spinal guy to check out the leg and maybe the back.

Spinal guy looks at her. Freaks a little because she indicates some loss of feeling on the right side of her body from her face all the way down to her leg. Might be a stroke, TIA, in progress.

Off to the emergency room to expedite the MRI. Some pokes, some prods. Admission. Wait three, almost four hours for a room. MRI scheduled as well as Echo, PT, OT, Speech therapy, Neuro checks every 2 hours.

Hopefully there will be some definitive answers.