Project 365-2014 is Pretty Much Dead in the Water

Posted on Monday, April 7th, 2014 at 11:37 pm


I might as well make it official, you know, just on the odd chance that you were checking back here for it day after day wondering when I was going to post another sketch.


Well, maybe a bit of explaining is in order at least.

We moved my mother in with us this past November while she was recovering from a stroke. The plan was to see how well she does and maybe she could get back to her own life.

Then, about four weeks ago, she had another stroke. This one was a bit harsher. She really can’t get around on her own at all which means she needs care 24/7 at this point.

She’s not sleeping well. She’s not eating well. Honestly, she seemed to be doing better during her first week in the rehab unit at the hospital. She was in there for about a month and we were there everyday.

At times, her mind seems like it’s not firing on all cylinders.

It’s a little scary. They say this will all improve, but, you know, sometimes people lie or maybe present a sunnier version of the truth in hopes of making someone sick feel that there’s hope.

Me, I don’t know.

I know we’re doing the right thing and Lord knows, we want to help her as best as we can, but what if the best we can just isn’t enough?

I feel like I’m drowning. Faith tells me that everything is going to work out fine, but it’s hard to picture yourself safe on the beach when wave after wave keeps crashing over your head and pushing you further down.

My resources are tapped.

I found my fuse getting short with my son as he did his homework today, so I stepped out of the house for a bit and went to the park to take some pictures and do something that didn’t require patience, but allowed me to just be for a few moments. The picture above was one of those.  You can see the rest on my Flickr account.

Anyway, it’s been hard to find the inspiration or the time to sketch when I feel like I’ve barely got anything left to give to those needing my immediate attention. I’ve got a couple of pages with about two weeks of sketches and maybe I’ll put them here eventually, but for now life has just shifted in a different direction.