Post Dorian

Posted on Saturday, September 7th, 2019 at 11:03 pm

We made it through. Some leaves and twigs in the roads. 17 Tornado Warnings. Some people lost a lot, but nowhere near the devastation of last year with Florence. Power was out for us about 24 hours.

We were fortunate.

It feels a bit empty to be thankful for the safety of our lives and property when those in the Bahamas lost *everything*. Perhaps gratitude should extend beyond a feeling and turn to try to at least contribute in some way to help the Bahamians.

Meanwhile #sharpiegate rolls as a childish leader who can’t admit he was wrong rages and forces non-political government agencies to sacrifice their credibility to prop up his bruised ego.

There is such a thing as absolute truth and it shouldn’t be modified for the naked would be emperor.

Lord help us all.

Ah, well. Here’s some photos from the week. Most of these have been posted elsewhere.