Overnight Excursion

Posted on Saturday, February 10th, 2018 at 10:49 pm

It’s 8am on Saturday. We left Wilmington for Charlotte yesterday around 12:45PM for a dinner at our favorite Charlotte burger joint, concert with Andrea Bocelli, and overnight at a really odd Airbnb. This was Lisa’s Christmas present and I’m doing all I can to keep my own anxiety at bay so’s she can enjoy it. I’m having my moments tho.

We arrived around 4:30 and took a little excursion by my mother’s old house to get a photo of the renovations done by the guys we sold it to. As we got into town, my first lapse was saying out loud, “God, I hate Charlotte.”

But, really, aside from the traffic, it’s not a bad place, but my memories of being here for the last few years have been anything but a joy. Trying to clean out mom’s house on my own and the trials and tribulations of getting it sold (perhaps you remember the tree incident?) have left me with memories that tie my insides up in a knot.

Our second stop was at Bang Bang Burgers in Charlotte, which is, by far, my favorite thing here ever. I had a Seoul 2.0 burger which had kimchi and pork belly along with a korean bbq sauce. Lisa had a pimento cheese things with a giant deep fried tomato on it. Whenever I’m here and I see the owner, I keep trying to get them to open a place in Wilmington, but no joy so far.

I’m trying, people.

We got to our Airbnb after searching up and down the street for about half an hour. It was a interesting place. Since Connor wasn’t here, I flooded him with photos so he could enjoy the experience.

We were in walking distance from the Spectrum center, so we hoofed if for about 15 minutes down mostly safe, but deserted streets. We walked in and hiked to our seats up in section 233, row M. As we sat down, I freaked out a little, because I have a irrational fear of heights. Actually irrational probably isn’t the best word because a fear of heights is a very rational thing. You could fall and die and that’s probably something you should at least have a little respect for if not completely and totally fear.

Now, opera isn’t exactly my thing, but I love my wife so I endured this concert. Well, endured isn’t probably the right word; Bocelli has an amazing voice, but he’s not exactly Freddy Mercury in the delivery department. Obviously, because of his visual impairment, he doesn’t move around a lot unassisted. He kinda stands there, and he sings with that magnificent voice, but this isn’t VH-1 Story Tellers with him pausing between songs with amusing anecdotes.

“This is a little aria that I used to sing for my mamma when I was a little boy.’

Yeah, none of that.

For me, Kristin Chenoweth was the highlight of the concert as she opened with a little local humor about eating Bojangles and then going on to channel Sandi Patty with “Upon this Rock” and just absolutely nailing it. She was funny and personable and the comedic relief that would have been nice to see a little more of throughout the night.

Like I said, opera isn’t my thing but it made my wife happy, so there I was. It wasn’t torture, but not the way I’d have chosen to spend the evening if it were just up to me. I did find things to interest me tho. I like to watch people and it was a pretty good cross section of society here, weighing slightly towards rich , white and a little snooty. There were several ladies in nice dresses and evening gowns, including the two older ladies below us who got completely smashed before the second part of the concert even started. One fell asleep slumped over on her husband and only awoke to clap loudly for the song she just missed. The lady next to her was obviously enjoying the music they way you only can when you’re drunk and buzzing. I kept expecting her to stand up and start yelling “Freebird”, but sadly that did not happen either.

After the concert was over, we hiked back down the Matterhorn into one of my other favorite phobias; large crowds of people. Really, it was just a night of win, win, win.

But, again, my wife was happy. Throughout the concert, I saw her gazing down at Andrea Bocelli with her hands clasped together under her chin lost in the experience. Even though he was so far down that it could have been a impersonator lip-synching badly to a CD, she was all there.

Love makes you do things, fellas. 

Edit: Lisa had the start of a cold last night and we had to be back by 1:00PM today, so we left before 10, stopped at a Biscuitville (yum) and I drove home while she slept. I’m not sure how many doses of DayQuil you can safely take in a 24 hour period, but she had to have been skating near the edge. 

After we got into town to relieve our Puerto Rican Grandma that stayed with Mom while we were gone, I took my lovely wife to the Convenient Care where she was diagnosed with strep. Antibiotics were prescribed and now it’s 10:30PM and I’m telling her that she looks like she needs to go to sleep.