No More Walking Dead

Posted on Tuesday, April 4th, 2017 at 5:32 pm

This is my wife’s aunt, affectionately known as “Ba”. She’s not a zombie, but she and a few others passed around my phone when I left the room and so I figure that gives me rights to use any photos they left behind on my blog. Besides, I couldn’t find the Walking Dead themed Christmas card we did a few years back and I didn’t want to run afoul of AMC. This morning, I saw reviews for the season finale of the Walking Dead that aired last night. Last year I would have read them all eagerly, being ticked at the producers for what character they killed off or for the inevitable cliffhanger that they saddled us with. This year, not so much. I watched the first episode of the season and was totally unprepared for what was going to happen even though I had waited months to find out who would survive and who would… not. The just sheer brutality and violence took me by surprise. But then there was the Sharpie line drawn on Carl’s arm and his father Rick was faced with the prospect of having to cut off his own son’s arm. I was out. That was too much. I turned off the tv and have not watched any more this season. Why? The world has felt too unfriendly this past year. We’ve had an ongoing, inescapable trials going on at home that have left me in the driveway dreading even walking in the door. That along with a constant questioning of what exactly is going on with the church and these politics of hate & fear have left me exhausted. I don’t need to be entertained by weighty, unwinnable situations in my leisure viewing. I want feel-good stories to at least make me think that things will get better. As a result, for now, there’s no Walking Dead for me. I’m a little bummed to have invested six seasons of watching only to drop it like this, but, man, it’s just self preservation.