Morning Excursion

Posted on Saturday, January 6th, 2018 at 11:59 pm

I had to run out to the post office this morning to pick up an Amazon delivery that didn’t make it to us on Friday. The reason on the USPS website said “mail receptacle blocked”, but the security camera out front says otherwise. I tried calling the 800 number, but after 4 attempts, the only thing the call answering system achieved for me was a strong desire to find the person who designed it so I could punch them in the face. I figured it was just easier to drive to the post office and see if they had the delivery. I didn’t make a big fuss at the post office because it wasn’t their fault. I got the package and was on my way.

When I ran out, I decided to drive the Tacoma. That’s it pictured above. I’ve never been one to name my vehicles, so it’s just the grey Tacoma, but it’s fun to drive in the snow and I needed a little relaxation as I struck out on my own this morning. I slid around a few corners and goosed the throttle a little across the ice sheets when the road was empty except for me. I’ve driven this truck through every major snow storm and hurricane since I got it in 1996 and it hasn’t failed me yet. It’s my second Toyota truck and, Lord willing, if I have to replace it, I’ll replace it with another grey Toyota pickup.