Last Day of Christmas Break

Posted on Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018 at 11:56 pm

Christmas break got extended an extra day with the threat of severe winter weather. Here in the South that amounts to a possible 1″ to 4″ of frozen precipitation in various forms. The bad stuff isn’t expected until tomorrow evening, but school has been cancelled for good measure and the roads salted for our protection.

Thinking today was the last hurrah, we headed out of the house as soon as our Puerto Rican Grandma arrived to stay with Mom. We did breakfast at Ruth’s Kitchen (always good), a little browsing at Baker Street Curiosity Shop, and then a few stops so the Offspring could use some of his Christmas gift cards and cold hard cash.

Over the weekend, he kept saying how he didn’t want the break to end and man, I would have loved to have made it last forever so we could hang around & goof off forever. But, there’s learning to be done and work to be done.

He’ll be all grown and gone in a few years. I wish we could make these moments last forever.

Post Bonus: Salted Roads on a Loop.

When I was a kid riding in the car, I’d stare at the pavement going by and pretend I was flying a spaceship over the road. This reminded me of that.

I still wish I had a tiny spaceship.