Japanese Interview Notes

Posted on Tuesday, February 10th, 2015 at 4:52 pm

Even tho I don’t speak a lick of Japanese (well, past counting to 10) I’ve been watching this interview on and off this week. I think it’s pretty unique. I’ve checked out a couple of other interviews on this channel and this is my favorite by far for several reasons.

From a production standpoint, I think it’s just interesting to see what other people do and Japan is especially interesting.

Here are my notes:

1) It all shot with what looks like some pretty long lenses on Canon DSLR’s. Thus the really shallow depth of field and great bokeh in the background.

2) There’s very little camera movement. Maybe the sticks or heads were a bit below par, but no camera movement at all… even when someone leans over, the shot doesn’t move. In later interviews they have a lot more movement… constantly panning and zooming. It looks ok, but the movement is a little rough and sometimes the run out of real estate when someone is talking.

3) Koji Miura (the guy in the hat and glasses that eats and drinks *constantly* through the entire interview) got the short straw on the lighting end. It’s like he’s getting the overspill from the others and that’s it.

4) One camera per person

5) I like the back of the head or shoulder of the interviewer in the shots.

6) Looks like two cameras on the wide shots. I like the symmetry of the wider 4 shot, and it looks like there is another camera low and close. Later they add some large chandelier made of tassels and it looks goofy.

7) Cut-aways of people listening.

8) I like the 4 top and the interesting angles. Shooting things in the round is always a little difficult especially concerning camera positions. They did later interviews in a booth and I didn’t like the look so much. Same goes for the sofas facing each other.

Overall, very well done.