Good Days, Bad Days

Posted on Saturday, December 16th, 2017 at 8:19 pm

Mom came out and had dinner with us last night. It’s rare that she comes out of her room, but we still as her to anyway because, well, you’ve got to try.

It’s been a good/bad week for her. Good in that she’s been mostly happy and in a good mood, but bad because she’s been having a bit of trouble telling the difference between dreams and reality. She’s mostly even in a good mood about that, but occasionally she does get a little scared or agitated. Overnight last night was rough; I think she spend most of the night talking out loud to people in her dreams and she kept waking up asking for things that she thought she lost.

But, dinner last night was great. We all ate and watched Ridiculousness and laughed like families should. She stayed with us a long time. Today she said, “Everyone accepted me” which I’ve told her we do and that we love her, but still…

It’s tough. I told my wife last night that if she’s at least happy most of the time then I can take everything else even is she isn’t quite lucid all the time. We don’t get to choose the cards we’re dealt tho.

Life is weird.