God Knew

Posted on Thursday, March 21st, 2019 at 8:40 pm

I rediscovered Podcasts this past year. Con and I went to a Panthers game in Charlotte and on the drive back, we did a mini-binge on the first season of Serial. We didn’t make it all the way through, but it got me into the genre and I began to look for some more spiritually oriented ones.

I’ve gone through several, but have settled on The Bible for Normal People as my favorite. I like the tone, the self awareness of Evangelical Christianity’s shortcomings, but also the spiritual and academic approach. Pete Enns reminds me of one of my favorite professors from college in that he’s got all this academic information about the bible in his brain and it allows him to see more of the beauty of the story.


Episode 78: Pete Ruins Exodus (Part 1)

He’s running through all these things and gets to the end of Exodus 2 where he points out something really beautiful. The Israelites are crying out from their enslavement in Egypt and God hears them. He remembers his promise with Abraham but the next verse is the one. The ESV really comes close to what he says the original Hebrew says.

“God saw the people of Israel—and God knew. “

The word for “knew” here is pronounced “yada”, which should sound at least a little familiar if you watched Seinfeld, but has a different meaning here.

In the middle of our hardships, we feel scared and alone like there will never be any relief. Like, maybe God has forgotten us. But the lesson here is that, yeah, he knows. He knows the pain and the agony and the suffering and the despair and actually because he’s all-knowing means he knew it was coming before we got to it. Someone else in my orbit said that these things that we go through do not take God by surprise.

I was listening in my truck and spent the next few minutes with leaky eyes as this began to sink in again. God knew. God knows. Even when it seems like we’re all alone without hope, he knows. Things may not work out the way we plan, but they still work out.

Still, there is comfort in being known and knowing that an end to the suffering is on the way.