Posted on Wednesday, January 10th, 2018 at 11:27 pm

It’s the second day of school and Con already has a quiz tomorrow on The Canterbury Tales. I’m not sure about how I feel about a teacher having a quiz on the third day back from winter break. Let’s just run right into the pain why don’t we? I had several colorful descriptives in my thoughts about this during the ride home.

But, before that, the day was pretty productive. Some updates here and there, a slight revisiting of a finished project (caricatures are dicey affairs), lighting into the starting steps for a revamp of a site, and the act of convincing a client that they shouldn’t update their website themselves by giving them all the information they need to do so.

After I got home, a very nice lady from hospice came to visit with Mom and I heard the following conversation ensue. (As a bit of a back story, Mom has always had a thick accent despite spending more of her life in the States than Japan. That coupled with a few strokes has left her a little hard to understand. I’m around her all the time so I can usually understand her perfectly.)

Mom: “I had eggplant today.”

Volunteer: “Egg foo young?”

Mom: “No, Eggplant”

Volunteer: “Egg foo young?”

Mom: “Eggplant”

Volunteer: “Egg foo young? What’s that?”

Mom: “No, Eggplant”

Volunteer: “Pudding?”

I was dying.

There were a couple of places where I could have stepped in, but I couldn’t bring myself to stop the fun.

Added bonus: My lovely wife brought me a Claxton Fruitcake that was at an office today in a box marked “free”. I have fond memories of eating fruitcake as a child, so I really don’t care for the fact that it gets a bit of bad press around the holidays. Judge me if you like, but this just means more fruitcake for me.