Family That Finds You

Posted on Tuesday, October 9th, 2018 at 11:16 pm

I had the pleasure of reconnecting with some lost family today. Not the kind of family that is related by blood, but the kind that finds you in life and becomes a part of you.

George was my father’s friend who just happened to own a restaurant in Raleigh where I grew up. In a lot of ways he became a surrogate for my father that was never present and was the one I always went to when I felt like I’d lost my way. A lot of who he is and his views left their imprints on the DNA of my worldview. I’ll always carry bits of him with me.

I’d tried to find a number or something for him for several years now, but he’s not a social media kind of guy and was always kind of off the grid when it came to things like listed phone numbers even before the Internet. I found a list of several numbers and the second one turned out to actually be him. I almost didn’t recognize his voice, which made me sad and a little ashamed that I’d let so much time pass without speaking with him.

Blood has let me down a lot over the course of my life. There have been a few exceptions, but for the most part I’ve found that the family that God has brought into my life that embraced me by choice has been far closer than those that were obligated by genetics.