COVID-19 Blues

Posted on Tuesday, May 26th, 2020 at 9:34 am

I think that through all of this, the one thing that has caused a lot of problems is incomplete or unclear communication. Some of this has been because our understanding of how this virus spreads has evolved in nuanced ways and the directives have not always explained or reflected this completely.

However, a lot of this has been just poor leadership and bureaucratic systems not designed to communicate quickly and effectively. A majority of the former has been certain leaders with bad spray tans going with their gut and contradicting the professionals that should be setting the rules.

We value truth, but when truth becomes relevant or takes a backseat to intuition, disaster follows.

It’s the same old illustration of a pilot not trusting his instruments. We determine a lot of our orientation by the fluid in our ears, and that can easily be deceived. Without a visual point of reference, pilots often lose their bearings and are forced to rely on their instruments to determine direction and orientation to the ground. If the pilot does not trust their instruments they, at the least, get lost. At the worst, they can end up flying into the ground.

We all play individual roles in this pandemic we’ve found ourselves in. Our small actions influence the larger outcome. With all of us scattered and going in our own directions while trusting intuition, misinformed opinions of our friends & family, or (ack) the words of some random person in a Facebook video, we push things all about.

Will the actions of those following to the tune of the results of knowledge and wisdom be enough to turn the tide?