Came Home to Find Stuff on Fire

Posted on Monday, February 27th, 2017 at 12:34 am

We came home to find stuff on fire behind the house. A whole lot of stuff. It was terrifying.

Long story short, the New Hanover County Fire Department got here and put the fire out about 8 feet away from our back fence.

Highlights in bullet point form for the attention span challenged:

  • Got home and called 911 after seeing a wall of smoke behind the house.
    “Is that a controlled burn? It doesn’t look very controlled.”
  • Asked the caretaker staying with my mom for the day to take her out and put her in her car just in case things got out of hand.
  • The fire was creeping closer to out back fence while I was waiting for the fire department to arrive. I looked at the tree coming over the fence and touching my storage building. If that was to go, my storage building would surely be ablaze. Could I get my stuff out in time? No, probably not. Solution: cut down the tree!
  • After cutting down the tree and pulling out my garden hose, the firemen show up.
    “Can we come through here?”
    “Heck yeah!”
  • Firefighters drag a hose through the yard and put out the fire, all of them keep apologizing for having to come through my yard. I would have let them come through the house if they wanted too.
  • My son was FaceTiming my wife through the whole thing.
  • Wife arrives after the fire is out and asks, “What else have you got? BRING IT!”
    I immediately tell her to not say that.