Basketball Goal Assembly

Posted on Tuesday, December 27th, 2016 at 7:58 am

I’m proud to say that we put this little beauty together yesterday with only one outburst of swearing and one nut left over when all was said and done.

We, the parental units, got this for our budding Michael Jordan since he started playing basketball this year. Well, we also got it because he dropped hints every other day about, “I sure wish I had a basketball goal so I could practice.”

Now, the thing you really don’t think about when you buy one of theses things is what you have to put in the base. You have two options: water or sand. We had one of these previously and went the water route which is, in my estimation, not the way to go for a few reasons.

  1. If it cracks, the water is going to leak out. It’s like death and taxes; eventually that plastic base is going to crack and you’ll end up hauling it to the dump.
  2. Even if it doesn’t crack, you have to constantly check it to make sure there’s enough water in there. If enough evaporates out, the goal falls over and kills someone. Well, maybe “injures someone severely if they are slow moving” is more appropriate.
  3. They tell you to put bleach or antifreeze in the water. Do not do this. Pets and antifreeze do not mix well. We always found the dog drinking the water from the base. He would jump on the top and make the water squirt out of the ill-designed plug like some backyard splash pad and drink that nasty water. As a result I always worried that he was going to pick up some parasite. I wish I had this on video. I’d at least get a grand out of Alfonso Ribeiro.

Being that this was our second run through with one of these goals, you would have thought that we had remembered to get the sand to fill the base with on Christmas morning and you would be dead wrong. Disappointment and angst ensued. A short life class was held in the backyard on doing things right the first time and patience in waiting for things that you really want. Both of these did not seem to stick at the moment, but there is hope that it will kick in sometime later in life. I have a high amount of confidence that it will. Our not-so-little basketball player is a smart cookie.